Me and life

I am good , but im not an angel . I do sin , but im not the devil . im just a SMALL GIRL in a BIG WORLD that trying to find who she really are and i want to grow without facilities . i want to have courage to be loyal to the face i have made .

Erniz Niknam Moghaddam , she was a girl who knew HOW TO BE HAPPY even when SHE WAS SAD .i dont like to be sad , but what can i do . its a part of life , i have to face it . life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better .
People always told me life is thing that you cant find but you have to create it by yourself . is it true ?for me , no matter what , you're going to mess it up .its hard to find a better life .All of us need to believe that we are loved and are lovable.  

 i have to REMEMBER one thing , some come,some go but the ones that stay with you through everything , they youre BEST FRIENDS . Some of them will break your heart . But we cant give up because if we give up , we will never find our soulmate .
Therefore , i want to believe in myself . i want to recognize ny strenghts , even i have to list all of them down . i believe that everything happen for a reason.people change so that you can learn to let go . Things go wrong, so that u can appreciate them . i believe in lies. if you believe in lies , you eventually will learn to trust no one but YOURSELF . 

Just because you FAIL once , doesnt mean i failed at everything . i'll keep trying hold on , and always believe in myself . keep your head high,keep your chin up and most importantly,keep smiling because life a beautiful things and theres so much to smile about .Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.